One does not simply walk into North Minneapolis..

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  • Styles: Orxrock, Gob Rap
  • What’s on Their Playlists?: Orxanne, Crimetime, 2Real, Darwin’s Bastards
  • Local bands: Nabo, Lily Sharp, One Ring, WereWrath, Green Gang

bat, daughter of…
bot, sons of…
buunda, expletive/gesture
cara, heroic
cerri, chummer, fellow warrior
djoto, the Life, SINless
dramar, uncle, step-parent, advisor
drundeah, a business execution
egrand, crime lord, gang leader, leader/Protector
egrand’rohodo, pimp, also gf’s parents
Emdachot, elite inner circle of warriors
ereth, home
ereth’cerri, ghetto, turf (gang-home)
eunabo, sexually desirable “choice of the herd”
faud, personal sacrifice
gahad, the impulses of an ork
glok, shadowrunner
greeah, twitching to take the edge off gahad
grumoge, fight, brawl, wrestle, yelled before sucker-punch
havutt, “Blind Man”, clinging to tradition for no reason
hez, fang/tusk, an ork’s courage, nerve, machismo, balls
hurlg, booze, ork brew
jrikjrik, tower, skyscraper, where the rich live
kart, young man, needs to be taught
karvusta, “Silent Eyes”, network of spies
ken, young girl, virgin
lelkrarg, step-child, “shorties”
magnun, volunteer, magnu, volunteers
Mahuta, messiah
Namdroth “strength preservers”, legendary ancestral ork cabal, may be metaphorical
norgoz, weapon
nroto, a true champion/hero, warrior against the darkness
or’zat, ancient orkish
or’zet, traveler’s orkish, what you say to outsiders
quaalz, idiocy, also the police
rek, school, usually the rek of the streets
rekart, life’s hard lessons
Rohodo, sex ‘makin’ love’
Rutra, Ork martial arts
shpita, the ‘slaps’, Orkish contests, physical, verbal etc.
skraa, greeting shout
skraacha “Scorcher”, it connotes living every day with passion, amazing deeds and extreme measures, uncompromising even in death.
tharon, ‘Dead’, slang for Corporate
turgma, deviant ork, traitor, snitch
turgan, city ork
tussdi, competitive moshing or rioting
ujnort, non-orks "they who do not understand
uyataa, hot peppers, jabenero
vrukart, ‘mate-boy’ boyfriend
vruken, ‘mate-girl’ girlfriend
vut, drek, expletive
Wejoto, “Against the Way”, an ork rights activist
Wurchaz, Orxrock of Nabo’s ‘Claw Ridge’ record label
yerz, money, someone’s bribe or cut
yerz’eth, “nest money”, total assets, especially of a gang-leader or benefactor
zakhan, enemy


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