Technocratic Party of Minnesota

“Grow or Perish”

The Technocratic Party of Minnesota is a Major political party in the state of Minnesota and the state branch of the national Technocratic Party. Peter Keating serves as Chair. Party Headquarters are in Saint Paul.

Despite a diverse Congressional delegation, the Technocrats have dominated in-state politics for the last two decades, although the last couple of election cycles have seen their majority decrease in the legislature, although they still control the executive branch such the Governor’s Office and Mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

The national party was formed by presidential candidate (and future President) Martin Vincenzo in 2035, the first major new party to form in the UCAS. Ideologically, the party traces its roots back to the Reagan era of smaller government and privatization. The Technocratic party takes these ideas and takes them to their logical conclusions. It is the position of the Technocrats that private enterprise is better able to perform nearly any task than government and maintains that government can best serve when it contracts out its functions to competing contractors. It should go without saying that the Technocrats are the best funded of the major political parties, due, in no small part to their absolutist views on money as speech.

Prominent Minnesota Technocrats
-Governor Terrance James
-Mayor Carol Bergen of Minneapolis
-Mayor Liam Pho of Saint Paul
-State Treasurer Melissa Colburn
-Diane Stoddard esq. Ares Corporate Lawyer running for Senate

Technocratic Party of Minnesota

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