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As the eternally fabulous Oscar Wilde once said “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” And the Twinned City (Two Cities for the price the one, double your snowfall, double your fun…) is certainly nothing if not seasonal. Just because this isn’t Tokyo or Hamburg doesn’t mean we don’t have fads and fashions, movements and scenes, if anything, out here in the GWN (Great White North), because the eyes of the world aren’t on us, people are freer to really be themselves, just like everybody else like them. The proud (and chilly) denizens of the Gemini Metropolii have a long and proud tradition of marching to their own drum (or drumline if that’s how your tastes run), so the scene here might be just the slightest titch confusing to the newcomer.

Well don’t you worry your pretty little heads over it kids and kittens because Wirefrog has sweet-talked your old auntie/uncle Vu into explaining it all to you, with short words and everything. Everybody has a culture, and by definition every little naughty cubbin of a culture is a subculture. However don’t go thinking that these subcultures are cut and dried categories. Oh, heaven forfend! As anyone who knows the Vu knows, the Vu hates cut and dried categories. No, no, no my darlings, like fashion accessories people like to mix and match and not everybody wears the whole outfit. You might be shocked to find out that your MainScene uncle has a secret little Ergi outfit he only brings out when the family’s not around or that wild, free-spirited young thing you picked up at the club has a shrine to the Jack behind their shoerack (in which case, take your lovely friend Vu’s advice and run, run now..).

Now while the list below has the Nu Vu guarantee of freshness as I write this, because nobody but nobody (and the Vu is certainly not nobody) knows the Cities’ scenes like little old kuv, but check the posting date because like old Oscar said above, the only certain thing about this list is that it will change…

Ascomanni – (Complete) Big burly troll pirates in fur (who can sing!) What’s not to love!

Co-op – (Complete) Extreme Gardeners, marvelously strange and mind-numbingly earnest

Dapper Boys – (Coming Soon) Because sometimes the best disguise is right out in the open

Ergi – (Complete) Blissed-out Transsexual shamans.

Heemaal – (Complete) Afroflash with a Somali accent

The Jacks – (Complete) No, I swear to the Spirits, they really do exist!

MainScene – (Complete) The Vu is soooo done with the MainScene.

Montagnard – (Complete) Do you have a little Hmong in you? Would you like to?

Neo-Normal – (Coming Soon) More fun than it sounds!

Posties – (Coming Soon)The latest iteration of Post-Apocalyptic or “How to Spot a Poseur in One Easy Step”

PVR – (Complete)Player v. Reality, the ultimate one-sided fight.

Revivalist – (Complete) Craftpunk. When hobbies turn political.

Shakopee Renaissance – (Coming Soon) Gauche was never so charming, nor nostalgia so sincere.

Spacemen – (Complete) Ground Control to Major Tom, your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong…

SPAM – (Coming Soon) Hel-lo! Social Anxiety is a diagnosis, not a fashion!

Trockers – (In Progress) They can say it, you can’t!


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