Striker Steps Down from BSI

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-StarTribFeed – updated 16:11 June 12 2076
Borderlands Security Incorporated’s chief field investigator announced this morning that he is stepping down and accepting an early retirement package.

The 55-year old Barnard Striker III is Senior Field Investigator for BSI and has served with the company for over twenty years and has been decorated for his service. He often appeared as the face of the company, speaking on behalf of BSI in the media. Most recently he was known as the lead investigator of the investigation into the May 11th Camden-Webber Insect Spirit Alert commissioned by Evo-4M and the other signees of the formal complaint that’s being submitted to the Corporate Court against Ares Agribusiness.

This announcement comes as a surprise to many. Striker has stated that he’s retiring to ‘spend more time getting in touch with my roots and spending time with my family’ in the Sioux NAN. Striker’s deputy, Lana Chiefstick, will be taking his place for the time being. There’s been no word as to whether this will effect the ongoing investigation.

Well, well, well, looks like old Bernie’s sins finally caught up with him. ‘Spending more time with my family’ my ass. That’s not even trying that hard.

Striker Steps Down from BSI

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