Reformed Republican Party of Minnesota

“Rebuild America”

The Reformed Republican Party is the Minnesota branch of the UCAS Republican Party. Despite a spike in popularity after the Great Ghost dance, the party has waned in influence with the rise of the Technocrats, although still in control of Fargo and the western part of the state. Their headquarters is in Saint Paul, chair is Tyler Ortega.

Neither of the old US parties survived the Awakening and the creation of the UCAS entirely intact and with the defection of both the fiscal conservatives to the Technocrats and the Christian Right to the Archconservatives, the Republicans have had to redefine themselves as the party of American nationalism and government power, ranging from those who want to defend what the UCAS still has to the extreme fringe that wants to reclaim the continent and yoke the megacorps. All of their major presidential candidates, including the current President, have been former military officers.

Prominent Minnesota Republicans
-Senator Shane Hunter
-Tal Carver, former Quarterback for the Vikings, Gubernatorial Candidate

Clinging to dreams of the past, when the U.S. was a superpower. Their Justinian beliefs risk war and financial ruin for the UCAS. Well, more of a financial ruin than we’re currently in.

It’s small-minded little accountants and number-crunchers like you that are the reason we’re in this mess in the first place. If the old USA hadn’t sold its soul to the corps, and I’m talking actual essence loss here, they wouldn’t have been so vulnerable to the pagan native rites that brought us low, because there is a spiritual power, Force, in the ideas of the Monroe Doctrine and the collective spirit of [Comments archived for length]
-Red, White and Ork

The hell? There a full moon out tonight or something?
-Red Hawk

Reformed Republican Party of Minnesota

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