Racial Tensions Build in North

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Speaking informally to reporters from the major local news outlets today, officials from Borderland Security and the Minnesota State Guard confirmed rumors that there have been violent clashes between Elf and Dwarf nationalist groups in the Bimidji, Brainerd, Warroad and Lake of the Woods areas.

Central to the conflicts has been an ongoing feud between magical groups affiliated with the Lake of the Woods Enclave, an elven-heritage settlement that has been given semi-autonomous status near the Lake of the Woods, and the “Clans of the Red” (COTR), a militant splinter group of the Sons of Moria based out of Fargo and Grand Forks in the North Dakota Military Protection Zone. Law enforcement officials believe that the conflicts may be centered around control of the lucrative illicit talesma trade.

Smells like quav dev to me. Talesma flow hasn’t been disrupted. The Family would have intervened if it did. Whatever’s going on up there, its not about that.
-Phim Kooj Koi

Ten Nuyen says they’ve been sucked in by those rumors the Jacks have found some kind of artifacts up in that part of the country. No fools more gullible than greedy fools.

Officials wouldn’t comment on rumors that the legendary ‘Heathens’ Troll gogang has also been involved or that the attacks have been accompanied by spirit possessions.

Responding to the revelations both Duncan Beckley, head of the TCTA and a Grand Elder of the Minnesota Sons of Moria, and Dietrich Sibich, elven culture advocate, author and self-help consultant released separate statements today advocating for the end of the hostilities and putting out a call for racial harmony. Beckley called on the Twin Cities tradition of racial inclusiveness and said to be “A good person first and a dwarf second”, while Sibich emphasized the brotherhood of all life emphasized in his “Great Question” series of philosophical books and the movement associated with them.

Sibich, huh? You know, I dismissed this drek until that poj dab entered the picture. Cavendish’s own personal adviser. Word around the water cooler is that he’s the one that’s been filling the VP’s head with all that nonsense he’s been spouting. The Great Question my white ass. Now I know something’s fishy.

Is there anything about “self-help consultant” that isn’t fishy? What gets me is the distance involved here, something like a 250 mile long dagger. That can’t just be a couple of small timers with a grudge; just the logistics involved implies some higher power getting involved.

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Racial Tensions Build in North

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