New Democratic Party of Minnesota

“Saving America, by Saving the Earth”

The New Democratic Party of Minnesota is a major political party in Minnesota and an affiliate of the national Democratic One World party. The Democratic party has a long and complex history in Minnesota. For just under a century, from 1944 the Democratic Party in Minnesota was known as the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party or DFL, in union with the left-leaning populist Farmer-Labor Party. A split between the Progressive and Moderate factions in the late 30’s left the Democratic Party in Minnesota a weakened and gutted entity, largely overshadowed by the newer parties. With the Democratic Party’s redefinition as the environmental party in the late ’50’s, it gained a base in the rural parts of the state although it’s still weak in the Twin Cities. The headquarters is in Saint Paul, the party Chair is Clara White Crane.

The national Democratic One World Party is the oldest major political party in north America, dating back nearly to the beginning of the old USA. It has been a lot of things over the centuries, adapting to the times, from the party of slavery to the party of civil rights. Neither of the old US parties survived the Awakening and the creation of the UCAS entirely intact and the Democrats drifted for a couple decades before being reinvigorated again by the 2057 campaign of environmentalist Arthur Vogel. He lost the race but his One World Party provided the ideological foundation for yet another reinvention, built around the idea that the UCAS can only be saved if its citizens first heal the Earth, and that people can only make peace with themselves when they have made peace with the planet. The corporations oppose them because they favors higher corporate taxes and greater corporate accountability.

Also, they are entirely too stingy with the nyiaj for their ’runners.

Prominent Minnesota Democrats
-Melanie Patel, State Representative for Mankato, candidate for national Senate
-Brian Telstad, State Tax Commissioner, candidate for Governor
-Carly Hughes, Hennepin County District Attorney

New Democratic Party of Minnesota

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