Lost Boys

Turf: Lind-Bohanan
Colors/Apparel: The Hmong Circle sewn onto their clothes, often dress in green

This gang is actually a loose alliance of independent primarily-Hmong gangs that dominates the Bohanan Park region. They generally are engaged in the traditional businesses like carjacking, gambling and protection. They are tolerated by the Kirillovs as long as they don’t cut into the Vory’s own rackets. Notable for the frequency with which they send out “parties” to make trouble in other parts of the Cities, especially across the river in Saint Paul. Even if the repercussions ruin the perpetrators, there’s always another gang looking to prove itself.

WTF? Hmong independents working with the Vory? Thought they all batted for the Family?

New in town, khwv khwv? You’re thinking the normal Hmong, Hmong Der or White Hmong. That’s most of us. These guys are Mong Leng, Green Hmong. They’re kinda like what the CAS is to the UCAS, our ignorant red-neck cousins who talk funny. Ignore them and they usually go away.
-Phim Kooj Koi

Dlaab ntaus, keep talking, but your keep your txiv dev ass on your side of the river and maybe we won’t take it from you. Maybe I don’t run with the boys anymore, but I remember where I’m from. Once Lost, Always Lost!
-Tsov Tom

Enough! If you don’t have something constructive to say, save it for the street. Same language, same customs, same cooking even. We got more in common than we have differences. Killing each other over an accent, such a pair of ruam tsiaj nyaum…
-Iab Npauj

Hey, deys a’right, dey’re good fer fightin’ the damn ghoulies, the Tama-whatsits. Love killin’ ghoulies, dose guys!

So long as they keep sending ‘parties’ after the ghouls, they’re barely tolerated by the powers-that-be. The moment they get serious about business, or they do too much puas tsuaj on the wrong side of Ziibi, I see some nasty retribution coming their way.
- Ginebig

Lost Boys

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