Evo Representative Fails to Appear

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Evo-4M, the midwestern North American branch of Evo, suffered a shocking reversal today when it was revealed by the Horizonews and AresInfo networks that Kayado Shoji, the Evo-4M representative never arrived at Zurich Orbial. Shoji, head of Internal Auditing for Evo-4M was set to arrive today at Zurich Orbital bearing a signed accusation of Corporate Misconduct against Ares Agribusiness signed by the representatives of most of the AAA’s and many prominent AA’s in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area, bearing specifically on collusion with Minneapolis Mayor Carol Bergen to use her powers and her relationship to Ares to unfairly prejudice the selection process, particularly in the case of the May 11th Insect Spirit Hoax that nearly led Mayor Bergen, herself a former Knight Errant officer, to allow Knight Errant to declare martial law in North Minneapolis.

Media Relations Director August Zwingli, speaking on behalf of the Corporate Court said that the Court had issued a sharp reprimand for contempt to the Court to Evo-4M, although he also stated that the Court would be launching its own inquiry into the allegations as they might impact the dispensation of the IMAGE grant the Twin Cities were using in implementing the Bergen Plan.

Duncan Beckly, head of Evo-4M’s most prominent, and most profitable, subsidiary,the Twin Cities Transit Authority (TCTA), issued a statement stating that Mr. Shoji is indeed safe and that they still intend to deliver the charge electronically. Beside Beckly on the podium, Vance Martin, branch President of Shangri-La North Entertainment, speaking on behalf of SL-N’s parent company, the AAA Horizon Group, stated that his company would be taking charge of transmitting the charges to the Corporate Court, along with software support provided by Fargo-based computer and infrastructure firm Sundog Renaissance.

That seems like an oddly specific thing to mention. I mean, why not just transmit it themselves? Its not like Evo doesn’t have the Technomancers to do the job if they’re worried about security.

Probably meant to keep the other signees from backing out. With Shoji failing to make it, some of the others might be getting jumpy about Volkova’s ability to see this through. Farming it out to Horizon is a way to reassure them that this is a joint effort. And if what I hear is true, you’ll be seeing a lot less BSI involvement in the near future as well, just sayin’….

Hmmm… looks like there may be something to those rumors of Sundog Renaissance selling out to Horizon after all. I may have some online marketing to do tonight after all.
-Gopher Eater

Heh. Nicely done, whoever did this, just enough of a Judo throw to make Evo expose its flank to the scavengers. I hope they hired local (support your local shadowrunner!).

Evo Representative Fails to Appear

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