Dems Pick Dane

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SPRINGFIELD – Branigan Dane, accepting the Democratic presidential nomination proclaimed Thursday night that ‘’the Colloton era is over and a new era is about to begin.’’

In remarks to the closing session of the Democratic National Convention, the Illinois Senator pledged to ‘’forge a new era of greatness for America.’’

The nominee was introduced by his mother, Natasha Dane, who drew close parallels between the Senator and her own father, Barack Obama, who was 44th President of the USA and the first African-American to hold the office.

The nominee’s eyes filled with tears and he bowed his head briefly when he referred to his own father ‘’A man who spent his entire life fighting for the individual versus the corporation, strengthened with a deep and abiding faith in the promise in America.’’

The joyful Democrats who packed the hall cheered lustily when he told them, ’’We’re going to win this race.‘’ Ninety-one times they interrupted him with cheers and applause.
At one point when Dane said he wanted a vice president ’’who won’t sit silently by,‘’ the delegates began a chant, that had become one of the themes of the convention: ’’Where was Angie?’’ – a reference to President Angela Colloton.

For many of the party faithful, it was the first opportunity for genuine cheers since the Colloton era was ushered in by General Angela Colloton in 2068.

Then in the traditional unity gesture, his primary rival for the nomination, Rebecca Kwan, congresswoman for Manitoba, and her wife, Jacqueline, also stepped to the podium.

Following them were the other Democrats who had lost out to Dane in the contest for the nomination. Notably absent was Governor Elaine McCall of Ohio

For Dane, the speech marked the culmination of a 16-month campaign for his party’s presidential nomination and the formal opening of his challenge to Colloton.
In the five-minute impromptu remarks, he urged the delegates not to ease up their support for the ticket, warning, ‘’This is going to be a tough, tight, competitive race.’’
Dane will leave the convention city on Friday for campaign appearances in Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ottowa and Pennsylvania.

The nominee paid tribute to Kwan as “a woman who has lifted so many hearts with the dignity and the hope of her message throughout this campaign; a woman whose very candidacy says to every child – aim high; to every citizen – you count; to every voter – you make a difference; to every American – you are full shareholder in our dream.’’
Kwan gave Dane a thumbs-up sign when the nominee waved.

In a reference to the scandals of the Colloton administration, Dane said that ’’if you accept the privilege of public service, you had better understand the responsibilities of public service.

‘’If you violate that trust you’ll be fired; if you violate the law you’ll be prosecuted; and if you sell favors to the enemies of North America, don’t expect a pardon from the president of the UCAS.’’

A parallel announcement following the nomination was issued from the staff of Governor McCall accepting the offer to share the ticket with Dane as the Vice Presidential Candidate. This comes to a surprise to observers as it contradicts a media leak earlier in the week from Dane staffers indicating that it was Kwan who was being tapped for the VP position in the Dane Campaign.

Aww, that’s cute. I wonder if anyone actually believed him when he said he was going to win.
- Ginebig

Dems Pick Dane

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