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Paying it Forward with Nabo.
Posted by: Cleopatra Vogue

In entertainment news today, we caught up with Gob-Rock rising star Nabo in the most surprising of places, the ‘According to their Needs’ Soup Kitchen in Hawthorne, north Minneapolis.

Nabo, original name Nathan Williams, a Hawthorne native himself has always insisted that a measure of his success comes from being from the streets and he has always made a great show of returning to the streets.

“I’m from the street,” he told this reporter Sunday. “These streets right here, this is my patch, my ereth, you know? This is where I’m from.”

While it seems that a star visiting a soup kitchen to make a donation would be unassailable, Nabo has actually taken a lot of flak for this move. Not so much by what he’s doing, but where he’s doing it.

The ATTN kitchen is one of several in the Cities that had been run by the controversial People’s Builder’s Union, who’s plans to claim and renovate abandoned buildings for the homeless were complicated by the large-scale changes brought on by the implementation of the Bergen Plan several months ago. Unabashed socialists, although they’ve always shunned the word ‘communist’, the PBU have long been the target of much resistance and suspicion. Two months ago, the organization was crippled when its assets were frozen while investigations into possible financial improprieties and embezzlement were carried out. Those investigations, we are told, are still being carried out and places like the ATTN had to close their doors.

Until Nabo, that is. This particular soup kitchen, on Nabo’s old home turf, is paid for entirely out of his own pocket. The ‘donation’ he’s dropping off, as he does every sunday, is to buy the next week’s groceries.

Its odd to see a typically tough ork rocker like Nabo being cheered by old ladies or having his picture taken with eager children, but today, he looks right at home.

Yeah, Nabo’z da skraacha!

Well personally, I think its a little sick the way guys like Nabo grandstand under the flag of ‘charity’. Paying for a whole soup kitchen when its his ego he’s feeding. Disgraceful.

Maybe he’s just preparing for the next life. His legacy, you know? The way the Black Fangs are dropping recently, its like they’re cursed. Maybe he thinks he’s next. And who knows, maybe he is.

This ‘Curse of the Black Fangs’ dev paus again? Really? I suppose you get points for not calling it an ‘underworld plague’, but seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this in the last couple of weeks. Its kind of amazing that in an age of magic and monsters, people still seem to need to invent legends to be afraid of. Grow up, me tub.
-Iab Npauj

You’re right, we don’t need to invent legends to be scared of. Especially not when the world seems to invent them for us. Don’t be so quick to dismiss curses. Our ancestors knew them to be real long before the awakening. Although a good professional mage is usually a better cure than good deeds.
-Phim Kooj Koi

CelebWatch - Nabo Pays It Forward

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