Bergen Plan Passes City Council

North Minneapolis Renaissance
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The Minneapolis City Council has today passed Mayor Carol Bergen’s “North Minneapolis Renaissance and Restructuring Plan”, also simply called “The Bergen Plan” by a wide majority. The plan, announced at her March 16 press conference in response to the Friday 13th riots, is a wide-ranging plan for infrastructure renovation and road repair, including the rebuilding of entire neighborhoods in North Minneapolis. Using funds from a variety of sources, including city funds, the TCTA’s Emergency Maintenance Fund and grants from the Corporate Council’s Infrastructure Maintenance and Assistance for Growing Economies (IMAGE), the city will buy up large portions of the indicated areas and award jurisdiction to various corporate partners with a mandate to execute certain reforms, repairs and improvements, in return for exclusive marketing rights within those areas. Corporations that have already announced their participation in the Bergen program include Ares Agribusiness, Evo-4M, Ecolab, Sundog Renaissance and others.

A ten-member Special Commission has been appointed to begin the selection process for which corporations will be awarded which contracts, with one member representing each of the City Council’s ten major parties. “It is a great honor to be chosen for this position and this commission represents, in the small, the spirit of unity so promoted by our honored Mayor!” said Declan Chance, co-chair of the Special Commission and representative of the New Century Party, in a statement made at the press conference announcing the Plan’s passing.

“Despite the physical distance between our two communities, we have always felt very close to the Twin Cities area and it is a joy and a privilege to be invited to join in this remarkable effort. We thank Mayor Bergen for all she’s done and look forward to working with her to improve the lot of our neighbors lives.” Autumn Wurtzler-Janson, majority shareholder in the Fargo-based infrastructure and Matrix consulting firm Sundog Renaissance speaking at the press announcement at City Hall, which was broadcast in conjunction with the announcement by the Council. Wurtzler-Janson was speaking in place of planned speaker, Glen Cavandish, Executive Vice President of Ares Agribusiness-Minneapolis, who canceled at the last minute. No word on the reasons behind the cancellation from Ares Agribusiness so far.

Mayor Bergen’s office has announced that a massive appraisal effort is planned for the areas under consideration beginning in May and that buyout offers may be sent out as early as mid-June.

No grant from the Corporate Council comes without strings, and no good deed done with Corporate Council money goes unpunished. That being said, be on the lookout for development bonds: they’ll be a far safer investment than keeping your credsticks hidden under your mattress.

Bergen Plan Passes City Council

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