Ares New Product Unveiling

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You’ve heard about it! You’ve read about it! You’ve heard all the questions and all the theories and now its time to find out the truth!

Ares Commercial Products is proud to announce the unveiling of its newest, hottest, most revolutionary product yet, a worthy addition to a long legacy of product excellence, on Friday July 3rd.

The Wait is over. Kooba is Here!

Commercial Products? So… not a gun. Yeah, don’t care then.
-Tsov Tom

Hey, not everything worthwhile is a gun, you know ;)

YOU TAKE THAT BACK! I never want to hear you talk about guns like that again….
-Tsov Tom


Hey, Frog, what the hell is That ^?

Icer, old chum, you tell me. You’re the deck-head.

Ares New Product Unveiling

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