Area Philanthropist Passes Away

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SAINT PAUL, Mn. (AP) Marta Dragunov, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and civic booster in Saint Paul, has died at the age of 68.

The family said on a website that she died Friday night in her home in the Columbia Heights neighborhood. A cause of death was not announced.

Dragunov, born Marta Dmitrovna Obolensky until her marriage to Ivan Dragunov in 2027, was chairwoman emeritus of the Minneapolis-based True Foods vegetable warehouse concern. His business career, jointly with her husband until his death in 2059 after which she ran the business herself, her career spanned more than five decades before she retired from True Foods in 2072.

In 2064, she gave $6 million to build the Dmitri Obolensky Columbia Heights Community Center. His many contributions to the Twin Cities included support for the Agriculture Future of America, the Saint Paul Symphony, the Metropolitan Performing Arts Fund.

What? Mama Dragunov finally slotted off? Seriously? Didn’t know you could die from being too horrifying.
-Tsov Tom

Hell of a coincidence, huh? The Kirillovs’ oldest boss in the Columbia Heights area just passes on the same night they cede that territory to the… oh, wait. I forgot, there aren’t any coincidences. My bad.

Area Philanthropist Passes Away

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