Archconservative Values Alliance

“A Holy War for the Soul of A Nation”

The Archconservative party has a long history in Minnesota, going back to the Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachman in the first years of the century. Bachman was one of the driving forces behind the formation of the Tea Party Caucus, which would later form the core of the Party. The American Values Alliance formed independently during the crises that led up during the formation of the UCAS, and was absorbed into the growing national Archconservative party. While never in the strict majority, the AVA has always been strong enough to be a spoiler in state politics and anyone wanting to do anything has to at least take them into account. Party headquarters are in Saint Cloud, the current chair is Andrew MacDonald.

The national Archconservative Party can trace its political roots directly back to the Tea Party movement of the first days of the twenty-first century, which was galvanized into a proper Party during the chaos of the Awakening. The party supports a “return to real, traditional American values”. The Archconservatives are roughly pro-business, but their primary focus is on moral and social issues, endorsing what they consider “traditional family and American values” and are unabashedly Protestant Christian, openly speaking out against magic as “immoral and unnatural”. In the twenty years since the Brackhaven Affair in the special election of 2057 the Archconservatives have worked very hard to shed the label of racism by association, however it is a charge still often leveled at them by their critics and there have been very few non-human Archconservative candidates.

Prominent Minnesota Archconservatives
-Representitive Captain (ret.) Oscar Yeager, Minnesota 6th district
-Vincent Hantous, Minority leader in the State Senate
-James Montblanc, former Defensive End for the Vikings, Gubernatorial Candidate
-Reverend Arthur Hemmings, televangelist running for Senate

Archconservative Values Alliance

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