A New Century for Minnesota

“A New Golden Age”

‘A New Century for Minnesota’ is the Minnesota branch of the national New Century Party. The New Century was a relatively minor player in state politics, until the mid-60’s when it became involved with Ananias Harper and his wife Mariah Baxter-Harper’s ‘Magical Futures’ Foundation and its massive public awareness campaign to identify unrecognized magical potential and educate the public of the dangers of uncontrolled magical potential. This issue remains the cornerstone of the Minnesota branch’s public platform and was central in Mariah Baxter-Harper’s successful 2072 Senate bid. Party headquarters is in Saint Paul and party chair is Lisa la Giuffria.

The New Century Party is the newest of the national UCAS political parties, formed from a loose coalition of disaffected Technocrats who jumped ship In the wake of the rigged-election scandal of 2056 and a number of hip postmodern, highly educated hermetics.

The party’s basic ideology calls for a melding of scientific and magical principles to create a happier and more prosperous society. The New Centurists are progressives and forward-thinkers who believe that the old parties have failed to push the envelope far enough. As they see it, the UCAS needs to call upon all its technological and magical resources to solve the nation’s woes. The party strongly supports small-business initiative, research and development, innovation and education as keys to keeping the UCAS prosperous in the global arena.

Prominent Minnesota New Centurists
-Senator Mariah Baxter-Harper
-Representative Dorian White, 2nd Congressional District
-Declan Chance, Minneapolis City Council
-Elena Talbot, Mayor of Bemidji and candidate for Governor

A New Century for Minnesota

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