Lost in the Shadows

Run 8 - Marketing Disaster

June 26, 2076

Ginebig’s journal-

Those damned Kooba ads have been clogging spam filters for the past month. Some of them have even made it through, despite my best efforts. Not my filters, mind you, but I’ve been patching others’ firewalls on a semi-daily basis just to keep up with the evolving algorithms ACS [hypertext – Ares Consumer Services ] has been using to push their product.

A week before the launch of this over-hyped bullshit, we get the call. Someone had found one of Forge’s contacts and recruited us. It turns out that for some people curiosity can overcome the truly overwhelming annoyance of the marketing.

Our meet was in a progressive and accepting {emote- sarcasm} bar called the “Dancing Ghost”, just outside of Fort Snelling. The Johnson was an out-of-place wageslave; any real skill he had was recorded and wired in. The job description was simple: someone wanted the dark on Kooba before it was unveiled to the public. Top cred for prototype; plans also acceptable.

I’d like to say that Vex nailed the poor sucker to the wall in price negotiations, but by all appearances this guy had no idea what he was doing. It wasn’t even fair. Not that I like fair, mind you, but the ease in which the money came was setting off warning bells.

The whole situation stinks. Prediction agents are registering a minimum of 30.7% [0.307 – 0.561 confidence interval, r-sq 0.874] of employer backlash.


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