Gnome Face


Slightly taller than the average gnome (3 feet tall), Vex has somewhat darker coloring than the Scandinavians he is surrounded by, leaning towards maybe some Mediterranean heritage with light brown hair and eyes. Overall well dressed, he usually favors Mortimer of London clothing, and tries to keep his arms and hands covered with long sleeves and gloves at all times. He could easily be confused with being a human child in the proper clothing, though he speaks with the voice of an adult.


Vex is new to the Shadows, but seems to be no stranger to the seedier side of business. Formerly in politics, he has decided to move up in both morality and pay-scale and start running the shadows. He will be the first to admit that he is fresh meat on the job, however it is clear that he doesn’t have any delusions as to what the work may entail. He has not been sucked into the popular trid misconceptions.


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