Early 20s, tall (178 centimeters), lean (68 kilograms) and muscular. Always dressed in dark, practical clothes and heavy work boots. Her hair is dark brown, medium length and almost always pulled back. (Recently she dyed her hair blond.) She walks with assurance even if the neighborhood is rough. She meets your gaze with her unflinching blue eyes. She is clearly Caucasian and her street name would indicate that she’s probably at least partly Scandinavian.


Valkyrie has been working the Shadows for about the last two years. She mostly works back-up firepower, but nothing steady. She’s also worked security for some of the mafia owned casinos. Rumor has it she’s Mjolnir‘s protege, but talk is cheap. She moves like a fighter and there’s something a little too graceful about her movements to be entirely natural. Probably she’s an Adept.


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