Of average height and weight for an Ork (1.89m, 127kg), Forge’s most prominent physical features are the conspicuous scars running over her body and her short, deep red hair. Many have portrayed Forge as violent, destructive, and paranoid. She counters by describing herself as energetic, innovative, and security conscious; followed by, “Form an orderly line so can give each of you an ass-whuppin!”. Possibly of English or German descent, Forge prefers pants over dresses and always travels armed (often with weapons and armor she has crafted herself).


In contrast to her youthful appearance Forge gives the impression of having been an active shadowrunner for many years, occasionally speaking of work done in Los Angeles and the Hong Kong sprawl. Despite this history (or perhaps because of it) there is no indication of her having “made it big” or desiring to retire. Instead, Forge is constantly seeking new and ingenious ways to apply her often lethal talents.


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