Lost in the Shadows

Run 5: Unreal Estate (Part 1)

April 25, 2076

There’s a moment in any successful runner’s career when they know, just know, they’ve reached that next level. The party is contacted through Collar to meet at the elite nightspot Je Ne Sais Quoi, an exclusive and expensive French restaurant. There, after a fair bit of shopping for the appropriate tres chic outfits, they arrive to find the restaurant empty, except for their host, the enigmatic and gorgeous Ms. Johnson. After a lovely dinner, she hires them for a run to lower the property values in the Webber Camden neighborhood of North Minneapolis so that her employers can buy it cheap and sell it back to the city dear. Vex negotiates her up to 1.5% of the profit margin made from this venture as their pay.

They began to research, each in their own way. Webber Camden is a working class neighborhood south of the General Mills plant, an Ares stronghold and the territory of numerous gangs and militias, as well as the Vang Family of the Minneapolis Combination. Unions, policlubs and a newly-formed Merchant’s Association are at work here. The River Rats, a minor league baseball team is based out of Dick Cassidy Field, has just been sold from Ares to local hands. The team debated many different approaches, sabotaging garbage pick-up, a plague of Devil Rats, gang war etc. etc.

Meanwhile, Ginebig was busy on a project of his own, a plot to bring down Phan “Duckie” Duc, liquor store owner, head of the Merchant Association, militia leader and de facto owner of the River Rats….


Manyfacesof Manyfacesof

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