Shadowrun – Lost in the Shadows

It’s 2076 and the it’s been so long since the world went mad that nobody can remember what ‘normal’ used to look like. Your computer is in your head, and there’s magic in the world. The creatures of legend have left the myths and sagas and are lobbying for civil rights. Corporations used to be people, now they are more than that, they are countries without borders, better than countries actually, determining international law from their perch in orbit. But that’s all right. Because that’s normal.

‘Normal’ is checking the P2 social network on that computer datajack in your head to get the latest gossip about the Great Dragons. Normal is talking your family into inviting that cousin who was mutated into a cat-person or a bat-person or a purple person by the SURGE to your dad’s neopagan Solstice festival. Normal is driving past the massive arcology-malls of the megacorporations (self-enclosed cities in their own right) so that you don’t go through the lawless ‘Z-Zones’ outside of downtown. Transhuman technology and ancient magic are at the heart of the world you live in, all driven by unrestrained, unchallenged capitalism. You’ve probably lived through one (maybe two) global communication Crashes, the Comet panic, the assassination of the Dragon that became President, and the Nuking of Chicago. And you’re still more concerned with what’s on trideo tonight.

And here’s the thing. In this world, there is a breed apart. They are called Shadowrunners. They deal with things that are out of the ordinary. They aren’t Normal.

Think about that…

Lost in the Shadows

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