Twenty Questions

OOC: While certainly not required, I’ve always found the old SR 20 Questions to be a useful tool. So here they are…


1. Where is Your Character from?
2. Does your character have a family?
3. Does your character have an ethnic background.


4. What does your character look like?
5. What does your character dress like?
6. Does your character have physical quirks?

Skills, Attributes, Resources

7. Where did your character learn their active skills?
8. Where did your character learn their knowledge skills?
9. Where did your character get all those wonderful toys?
10. Where does your character live?
11. Where did your character get their contacts?
12. Who are your character’s enemies?
13. Does your character know magic? If so, where did they learn their magic?


14. What are your character’s likes and dislikes?
15. What is your character’s moral code?
16. Does your character have goals?
17. Does your character have personal beliefs? Political? Religious? Other?
18. Does your character have personality quirks?

Running the Shadows

19. Why does your character run the shadows?
20. How does your character view their his/her role as a shadowrunner?

Twenty Questions

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