So what is a legend supposed to do when the world changes around him? Most of my colleagues are dead – hell, Captain Chaos should’ve been writing this, but he went down with the ship during the Second Crash. Someone’s got to look out for the next generation and it might as well be me because I’m the last dinosaur of my kind, and I’m better than some AR display.

The following History lesson is for the reality impaired, because as I’ve learned over the years, my mom was right: there’s more to life and the world than what you filter through your computer or commlink. Call this a last shout-out to Cap, the neo-@’s and everyone else who’s willing to learn something for the sake of knowledge, not just survival.

Rise of the Megacorps

Death and Chaos


Divided We Stand United We Fall

Hate and Brotherhood

The Corporate Shuffle

Will to Power

Year of the Comet

The Second Crash

The Wireless World

So what now? Well, you’ve had your history lesson. Time to go out there and make your own…


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