Turf: Camden Industrial Park, North Minneapolis
Colors/Apparel: Conservative Somali or Heemaal dress, generally in Black and Gold, with the symbol of crossed rifles over an open Quran.

The Somali Al-Shabaab gang, or simply “The Boys”, are one of a number of small African immigrant groups that operate under the protective umbrella of the Riverside Jihad.

Founded in the 2020’s by members of the Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab, a Somali fundamentalist Islamic group, when they fled their homeland after their faction was driven out in one of the frequent reversals in the ongoing civil wars there. They quickly established themselves in Northeast Minneapolis, in the beginning they sold opiates to buy weapons for fellow Islamicist organizations before they started just keeping the cash for themselves and settled down into a relatively normal gang. While not as widespread as they used to be, the Boys still operate out of the abandoned Camden Industrial area, living by theft and small-scale drug dealing.

Shit, are these ruam still around? I still remember when the Espiritu Sancti kicked them out of Columbia Heights and they tried to grab turf on the Lost Boys’ side of the River. Some of my fondest childhood memories are putting serious mob qua to the Kebabs on a weekly basis. I wonder which if any of their old chiefs are still alive and running things? Alif Abdul (who I’m pretty sure I killed), Majloon, One-Arm? Maybe one of these days I should check that out and see about finishing the job.
-Tsov Tom

Word on the street is that the Vory were funding the Espiritu during that rumble. Certainly the Kirillovs were quick enough snapping up their turf when the Espiritu Sancti broke up after that.
-Just Asking

They may work under the ‘protective umbrella’ of the Jihad, but the relationship between the two gangs is anything but harmonious. The Jihad are American-style Nation of Islam, which tends to favor Shi’ite Islam when it approximates established Islam at all, with frequent borrowings from esoteric Sufi traditions, where the al-Shabaab retain a great many of the views of their predecessor organization, such as strong support of the Sunnah and a history of clashes with militant Sufis and the purging of Sufi sites and texts. Not to mention that the Boys have retained the old al-Qaeda tradition of selling opiates, in direct opposition to the purist distaste for all physical drugs among the Jihadi. For example, the threat of the Jihad has kept them (so far) safe from being torn apart by the Lost Boys, but the leadership in Cedar-Riverside did nothing when Boko Haram, (a nigerian gang also under Jihad protection) started killing any of their members they found selling out of Marshall Terrace Park.

These ruam tsoob are still selling opiates? They’re about sixty years too late to make any damn nyiaj off of that business, and about as late for anyone to give a flying fuck. Small fry in the yeeb tshuaj ua lag luam, chummers. Look elsewhere for business.


Lost in the Shadows alltheraz