Lost in the Shadows

Run 4: Legend of the Drowned Cat (part 2)
Wednesday, April 1, 2076

Scene: Outside the Temple of The Drowned Cat.

Before acting, the Team consults Collar’s Guidance Spirit, who does divination. Is #hashtag, the girl from the tube, the same as Shekinah? “Yes and No”. Where is she now? “Escaping through the secret tunnel out of the main cistern that serves the Drowned Cat as dry storage.” Is she the same girl Forge knew? “Yes.”

The Team swings into action! Ashoka bursts the door, takes out security in a single action. Valkyrie, Forge and Lilu’s Doberman drone take point. Valkyrie opens the door to dry storage. An explosion greets her, although quick thinking and a timely spell from Ashoka keeps the door at bay. Once inside, they discover that the passage has been collapsed.

What follows is a complex chase through the sewers and abandoned steam tunnels beneath the Cities. Ginebig puts together a list of likely exits for the secret passage. Collar uses Movement to allow them to keep up. Ashoka begins an astral search. Finally, using new data from Vex’s more detailed analysis of the situation, Ashoka pinpoints an astral signature similar to the one they are looking for.

Valkyrie, Forge, Collar and Lilu’s drone easily catch up with the gurney and it’s two attendants. Valkyrie stick-and-shock’s the first. Forge engages the second. Collar uses the brute strength of the spirit possessing him to stop the automated gurney. A brief fight ensues with the second. During the fighting, Ashoka summons an air elemental and sweeps the body on the gurney away. The second attendant manages to fend off the attacks of a trained PhysAd and dodge the gurney, thrown by Collar. Lilu tries to use the drone (now affectionately nicknamed “Stitch”) to machine-gun the attendant, but misses and settles for hitting him with the red-hot barrel. Valkyrie uses this distraction to put a bullet in his head and put him down. Permanently.

Back in the van, a brief interrogation of the first attendant yields very little. He remembers nothing. Ginebig goes through his internal commlink and finds it a shambles. A familiar shambles. Meanwhile, the party also discovers that the body they have rescued is not that of #hashtag, and remember, too late, that there were three attendants. The body is that of the third attendant, cloaked with a False Signature.

Ginebig reveals that something, something moving against the mafia, has been possessing people and erasing memories these last few weeks. Rogue technomantic sprites. Possibly connected to the Shekinah cult.

Ginebig calls this in to his mob contacts. The team pulls out as they learn the mafia, who desperately want the Shekinah situation contained, is on their way. This run is abruptly over. For everybody except Forge… to be continued…

Run 4: Legend of the Drowned Cat (part 1)
Wednesday, April 1, 2076

Not all runs are for the money. Some are for things that are just as important but less easy to define. Like favors. Or friendship.

While watching the ongoing trainwreck that was the Archconservative Convention, the Team was given the most surprising status update on the lady they found in the tube on their first run. That there was none. During a Matrix attack on the New Mayo clinic the night before, the lady had up and disappeared.

The Team looked into it, first interrogating her physician, Doctor William Benway, and then tracking her, via watchers. The watchers kept tracking her back to the same place, the Temple of The Drowned Cat , currently closed. Forge revealed the girl in the tube as #hashtag, a young virtukinetic she had rescued from the Renraku arcology over 15 years earlier, sending her to the Twin Cities for safe keeping. As the team looked further into it, they uncovered a picture of the Drowned Cat’s history from a burnt-out old Decker named Doctor Grind, who told them about a time before the Second Crash, where otaku gathered in the Twin Cities under the banner of one called ‘Shekinah’, who was ‘put away’ in an apocalyptic Matrix battle that decimated the matrix-using shadowrunners of the time.

Collar’s Task spirit tracked a gurney and attendants to the service entry of the Drowned Cat. Then Ginebig hacked the TCTA database to confirm it (a long-time dream of his). Now, they stand on the threshold of the closed down club, about to act…

Run 3: Big Damn Heroes
Saturday March 21, 2076

People say that Shadowrunners are basically bad people. Maybe that’s true, maybe it ain’t. Here’s what I know; sometimes things happen to people and the authorities can’t or won’t help. That was the way it was in Paige Turner’s case.

She went missing and no one was worried (hell no one noticed) except her boyfriend Berglemir. He couldn’t go to the police because he knew they’d never look past his criminal record. So he did some investigating on his own and confirmed that she’d been taken from the airport. But knowing what happened wasn’t getting him any closer to finding her. So he reached out to a guy who knew (weird little guy at that). Berglemir knew Vex ran in the shadows and he was hoping the gnome and his team might be able to find Paige. So he called him up and the team got to work.

Paige was a student at the U of M in the archeology department. She was working north of the Cities and it seemed that whoever grabbed her did it because of whatever she was working on. With a few phone calls to her advisor, a spirit, and a dozen watchers the team was able to get a general location at Cypress cemetery and an ominous warning:

A water snake passes from ring of reeds.
A mage’s blood fuels the harvest’s end.
A hallowed grave for unhallowed guests.
In the pure, the unpure rests.

Her advisor gave also said there was a cup that Paige might have that might be the reason she was taken. She promised to double the teams pay if they could retrieve it.

So the team headed for the cemetery and found heavy background count and shedim. Ashoka and Collar waded in and did some damage. Then the rest of the team went into the crypt. The plan was get in, get the girl and the cup, and get out and that’s pretty much how it went down. Lilu’s drone led the charge and Forge & Vex did the extraction, while Valkyrie laid down cover. Ginebig called authorities as soon as the assault began, so there was no need to actually eliminate the shedim. There are some things the authorities actually are good for.

So maybe you think Shadowrunners are basically bad people, but Paige Turner and Berglemir might argue with you about that.

Run 2: Guthrie's Spoon (part 4)
Thursday March 12, 2076, evening.

Only one thing now stood between the team and their long-delayed payday. A group of angry Jacks surrounded the Cherry. Ashoka overstrained himself bringing Lilu’s Dalmatian drone down into the tunnels and had to sit down. The man from the box, recovering with a stim patch from Valkyrie, joined the assault. Angry and still a bit drugged, he was quick to recover. Counting the drone, the attack force was five, Valkyrie, Forge, Vex, the Drone and the stranger.

Lilu used her drone to draw the Jack’s fire, although it cost her the drone. Then Vex used his Commanding Voice to stall the Jacks long enough to let Valkyrie’s terrain-altering grenades take effect. Which is when the ice storm hit them. Underground.

The team then attacked in force, discovering that the ice storm emanated from the Cherry itself and the big mage behind it. Lilu’s eye spies got a picture of a big, hairy, twisted figure and Ginebig, taking a few moments to remotely do a data search, got an ID of it as a Wendigo. Forge filled it with lead, followed by Valkyrie, who did likewise. It finally went down. Finally, although it took a lot of bullets to do the trick.

While the PhysAds were shooting the Wendigo, Vex and the stranger, who had gone through a change of both body language and voice, were weeding out the rest of its cannibal cult.

With both the Jacks and their monstrous leader taken care of, the team called their Johnson and informed him they’d secured the Cherry. Ashoka, inspecting the area, determined that they had been preparing the unfinished underground parking garage as a ritual space to amplify the mana blizzard in their ongoing effort to hasten the fall of civilization.

Valkyrie introduced herself to the stranger, who had returned to himself, and he, reluctantly, gave his name as ‘Collar’. The team made sure that he got a bonus for helping them fight the Jacks. They also walked away with three bags of whatever the Jacks were on…

And that’s the end of it. Job done. Everybody got paid. Just another Thursday in the shadows.

Run 2: Guthrie's Spoon (part 3)
Thursday March 12, 2076, evening...still...

We left with our stalwart anti-heroes standing outside a snow-packed collapsed sewer tunnel.

A hastily-summoned Fire Elemental quickly put paid to that. Lilu stayed in the van while Ashoka, Valkyrie, Forge and Vex ventured forth into the enthusiastically melted path. It turns out Force 1 Levitate makes for a superior parachute.

Ashoka attempted to astrally scout the house that would be their likely destination only to discover
that it simply did not exist in Astral space, an ill-understood and not well-documented phenomenon.

However, where magic failed, technology succeeded, and the doughty quartet emerged, forwarned and forearmed thanks to Vex’s radar, into a large, parking-garage-like underground complex where their assailants had taken the Spoon. After disabling the first guards, they discovered them to be part of the the survivalist culture known only as The Jacks. They ran a gambit of the Jacks, fighting off the ten of them that guarded the Spoon, wielding axes and shotguns, hopped up on the strange combat herbs that they cultivate. Each one used their strong suits, Valkyrie and Forge applied their combat skills, Vex his Commanding Voice, and Ashoka used Levitate first as an attack on a guard and then to overturn the truck, crushing nearly half the Jack guards under both truck and Spoon. Vex noticed that the cherry was missing and after a quick interrogation determined that the cherry had been taken “in the back” for the “Bastard” to work magic with it.

Also falling off the overturned truck a mysterious crate fell. Upon further inspection it was found to contain a man, bound and drugged…

Run 2: Guthrie's Spoon (part 2)
Thursday March 12, 2076, evening

The time for planning has passed. The time for action has come. Ginebig began by violating, utterly, the Guthrie Art Museum’s virtual security, giving clearances, creating distractions, and frankly making the entire virtual structure his own. Between his distractions and his permissions, the removal of the Spoon and Cherry was almost legitimate.

The museum closed early due to the oncoming storm. Wild spirits and a worsening storm impeded the roads, although nothing that Lilu couldn’t easily handle. At the Museum, the actual acquiring of the Spoon and Cherry went along like clockwork, utilizing both the handy Earth Elemental and the Museum’s own facilities, which was convinced they were on official business. Ashoka nearly gave himself a stroke putting a magical concealment over the massive installation piece and was bleeding out his ears onto the upholstery of their rented flatbed.

They successfully dropped off the statue in the Warehouse district and headed south again to drop off their rental truck and claim their pay. Unfortunately, just before they were able to do just that, they received a call from the mysterious and peculiar Johnson, informing them that the contacts they had just met with had been carjacked, offering them a bonus to retrieve the item from it’s thieves, and threatening reduced payment if they didn’t. Despite Vex’s best efforts, they were forced to comply.

After picking up Lilu’s van and taking Ashoka to a contact to get healed, they went about throwing their full resources at finding their wayward spoon-shaped payday. Ashoka sent wave after wave of Watchers, Ginebig monitored Knight Errant traffic and Lilu used her encyclopedic knowledge of the city’s streets to figure where their target was and the best way to intercept it. Lilu sped the party through the snowy streets to North Irving in Phillips, where, after a long chase, this as of yet unknown rival fled into a collapsed sewer tunnel, a flurry of magical blizzard covering their escape.

And the team prepares to dig them out and claim the reward that is their due…

Run 2: Guthrie's Spoon (part 1)
Thursday March 12, 2076

There is no such thing as a normal shadowrun. Just ask any old runner. But some runs are less normal than others.

It started pretty normal. Vex got a call, Vex made some calls, the meet was in the Temple of the Drowned Cat. Secluded and obscure, it was a good place for a meet. Of course, that was before they met the Johnson.

The Johnson, smoking something they couldn’t identify, was strange, distracted, more than a little off. He mentioned ‘gold pieces’. And, Valkyrie assured them, in no way originally a biped. The team managed to discuss the matter while sidestepping around the D-word. They also decided to take the job.

And what a job! The massive Spoon and Cherry sculpture from outside the Guthrie Theater, now built into the new sculpture museum as the central exhibit. And the clients want it before the weekend. All this against the backdrop of New Moon madness and an oncoming manablizzard, just another day in the Ombre de Nord.

The rest of the day was taken up with research for the big job. Ginebig digs up matrix recon on the place, against his better instincts. Vex and Valkyrie run recon on the exhibit, Forge probes their defense systems. Ashoka looked into summoning things to help them move the landmark-sized installation piece. Lilu picks up the truck and starts thinking about the logistics of moving the huge thing…

And a plan begins to form. And all the while, there’s a storm building in the west…

Run 1: Cold Storage (part 2)
March 3, 2076

Stuck with the tube, the team, having explored the life of Sheila Reynolds to its fullest extent, decide to explore other options after discovering her car (by way of Watchers) still in the parking lot of the Megastorage unit.

Calling her assistant, Irena Teranov, Vex sets up a meeting. A meeting he will never see.
I mean, he just cancels later, it’s not like he dies or anything.

Skillful use of watchers and matrix manipulation finds them their targets and spoofs them in. The only real hiccup being when they get the boxes the power goes down and a set of drones threatens them if they don’t unload their cargo. A brief battle and chase comes after and they manage to down the drones and lose the flashy sportscar trailing them.

Finally though, they get the boxes back to a pleased client and are paid, rather better than they had anticipated.

This done, as a postscript they haggle with and contact a doctor about freeing the woman inside from the tube, now identified as an MI-55 Cryonics Pod…. an operation Forge seemed rather driven about and which the rest of the party chipped in for, one way or another.

Run 1: Cold Storage (part 1)
March 2-3, 2076

There’s a way that these stories always start. A Johnson. A Job. A Team.

This one is no exception. An empty strip club. A briefcase that cost more than the team that was being hired to do the job it carried.

The Team: Forge and Valkyrie, a pair of PhysAds, one ork, one human, Vex, a gnome that could be anyone, as long as they were three feet tall, the mage Ashoka, buddhist but not pacifist, Ginebig, the hacker who hid behind a curtain of data and holograms, and Lilu, rigger and demolitionist, a one-dwarf disaster area.

The Job was bone simple. Retrieve some crates from a self-storage facility. Simple. The most complicated thing was Vex negotiating with the Johnson for an extra grand a head.

The team went to the storage center. Ginebig found the most likely storage unit and fooled the computer into recognizing Valkyrie as the owner and they had the contents brought up for them.

So far, so good. Except that what came up from the unit they examined wasn’t a trio of crates. It was one long, metal tube. Sealed. running machinery.

They dug deeper. Calls to contacts confirm it to be a cryonics tube. Sensors confirm it’s got a body in it. Research reveals that the supervisor on shift the night the crates arrived hasn’t been seen since. Sheila Reynolds. So they check out her house, which just reveals what they already knew. She left for work on the 29th never to return.

Which leaves them with a mystery, one they must untangle if they want to get paid.

And it’s pretty certain they want to get paid…

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