Uncle Z

Head of the Vang Family


Vang Zoua Her. Human, Male. Born c. 2010


Knight Errant Security – Investigation Division

Name: Vang Zoua Her
Date(s) of Birth Used: June 18, 2010; December 11, 2011; August 16, 2009 etc
Place of Birth: believed to be Vancouver, formerly British Columbia, Canada.
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Build: Solid
Occupation: Property Management
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Black
Complexion: East Asian
Sex: Male
Race: Hmong
Nationality: UCAS

Vang Zoua Her, known within the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Hmong community as ‘txiv ntxawm z’ or “Uncle Z”, is allegedly the leader of a large and violent drug trafficking organization known as the “Vang Family.” This group is allegedly responsible for the importation of numerous tons of opium from Vietnam into the UCAS through the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Transit hub annually. The Vang family is also suspected by People’s Justice inc, part of the Khouang Combine, of running arms to the ‘Dega Alliance’ insurgents of central Vietnam.

While no solid evidence yet exists to create an direct link between the activities of the ‘Vang Family’ with Vang Zoua Her or his company, Xim Kaab Management, there is a wealth of circumstantial and anecdotal evidence connecting them. However, recent information gained via confidential informants has let KESID to ^78DOIUHS&(&N^979&(&%[[[[[[[[

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It should be noted that in the several years since this file was uploaded, no case has been brought forth by KES against Vang Zoua Her. Nor has any evidence from any ‘confidential informants’ been submitted in regards to Mister Vang or Xim Kaab Management to the Minnesota district court.

First rule of the Family? Don’t talk about Uncle Z.
Second rule of the Family? Don’t. Talk. About. Uncle. Z.
There is no third rule.
-Phim Kooj Koi

Uncle Z

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