Paul the Saint

The Guy to See in Payne-Phalen


Human, Male. Born 2020.


A little something from the backfiles. Now don’t say I never gave you nothing, ’Frog.

Briefing Notes, 5.1.68, SPPD headquarters. Captain Hugo Martin speaking.

“The suspect is one Paul Andrej Walshowski, who most of you already know as Paul the Saint. For those of you in town from our Federal and Corporate parties for the festivities, let me introduce you.”

Alright, so the Catarones are Italian, the Callahans are Irish, the Vangs are Hmong. Where’s some polack hood fit in?

Get your head out of the simuflicks and do it quick. Walshowski’s a Catarone man to the bone. You don’t get two chances to screw that up, believe you me.

“Mister Walshowski’s a bit of a downtown Saint Paul institution. He’s old-school, came up with the Russo crew in the forties, used to run some of Tommy Tic-Tac’s gambling operations before graduating to running loan-sharking, gambling and any kind of contraband you care to name, and several you wouldn’t, on his own turf in Payne-Phalen, all behind the veil of his chain of payday loan kiosks, those obnoxious NowYen ads that show up on late-night download sites. Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking. You’re thinking ‘we were called down to deal with the Iraultza, what’s a bunch of hard-ass Basque terrorists got to do with a midwestern loan shark? Everything. Because it’s a well-known and inadmissible fact that any crime he isn’t into himself, he can, and has, set up for the right price. The Iraultza have to have had a contact in the city to slip in under our watch and the evidence, circumstantial as it is, points at Paul the Saint. Alright, now we’re all up to date, I want the individual squad leaders in my briefing room and we’ll go over specific assignments, Lieutenant Kortgaard, let’s do this first…”

Except that Paulie the Saint’s still walking around free. How did…?
-True That

Knight Errant got an anonymous tip later that day that led them to the location of the Iraultza without ever having to inconvenience Mister Walshowski, who was never implicated in any of their affairs.

Partially, one suspects, because none of the Iraultza were taken alive.

Paul the Saint

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