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Matrix Profiles: Pacman

posted by: D-Icer

Hey there, D-Icer here, continuing the series I’m doing for WF on the personalities who run on the Shadowy side of the Matrix for this damn ruam guide he’s putting together. Usual objection aside, let’s get to work on our latest contestant.

First thing’s first, the label on this post is a bit misleading. “Pacman” is his nickname, a handle his employers in the Vory call him and predictably, its what he’s most commonly known as on the streets. These things happen, hell I call myself ‘D-Icer’ but there was his sammie I used to run with (no names of course *cough*wirefrog*cough*) who insisted on calling me ‘Dice’ or ‘Dice-man’ and the damn thing stuck for years… but I digress. By all accounts this guy calls himself ‘Pachman’, an homage to Ludek Pachman, a famous Czech chess grandmaster and political writer from the 20th Century. Which is why his net icon isn’t the hungry yellow pie chart most people expect but is, instead, a chess Queen, the most versatile of pieces.

Outside of that, not a lot is known about the guy. He first shows up on the radar here in the cities in 2072 or thereabouts when he is now known to have hacked in and drained some of the Kirillov assets that had been frozen in that big Tax Evasion scandal that rocked them that year and put them in a series of shifting and hidden accounts that to this day the combined forces of the IRS and the Callahan Family have yet to break. I’ve got sources that place him in central Europe sometime before that, but nothing solid. Since then, he’s been seen mainly doing the Kirillov’s dirty work on the Matrix, showing up when the IC gets blackest and providing Matrix support for Kirillov-backed shadowteams, although he’s been known to take on independent work on occasion, especially against Mafia-connected targets or other signs of the ‘capitalist establishment’.

Like most of the major netheads in the Cities he’s contributed to these very boards, and although I won’t give away the game, regular readers will probably be able to figure it out.


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