Local Gob Rap Star and Political Spokesork


Leshawn ‘Nabo’ Nash, Ork Male. Born 2054


[Transcript of speech given by Leshawn Nash, accompanied by his security entourage and aides, outside Richfield United Methodist Church, just after the funeral of Marcus Finch on Saturday January 11, 2076]

His ‘entourage’? That what we calling his old phooj ywg from the Black Fangs now?
-Phim Kooj Koi

Close. The or’zet word he actually uses is ‘Emdachot’. His ‘inner circle’. Takes care of all his business, both musical and non-musical, you catch my drift.

Nash: Skraa y’all! Can you all hear me?

Skraa! Nabo’s the Skraacha!

[general response from the crowd]

Nash: I asked, can you all hear me!?

[louder, more enthusiastic response]

Nash: That’s what I’m talking about! Do you all know who I am?

[several shouts of ‘Nabo’ and at least one ‘Nabo, I love you!’ from the audience]

Nash: Love you too! [points at the part of the crowd that came from] Hell yes! Say it again!

[The name “Nabo” rings out audibly now]

Nash: Yeah, you know it! You know it! And I’m glad you could be here, with me. Glad you could come out and be here for the Finch family. And that makes me glad, deep in my heart, it really does. You’re good people. But that gladness isn’t all that’s in my heart today, nor yours. Because this is a sad day. We, and I mean all of us, black and white and green, trog and roundtooth, all the people of Minneapolis have lost something important. Because we all in this together, we all just people under the skin and the teeth.

What? We get called ‘racist’ for calling them trogs, but nobody’s going to say anything when he tosses out that ‘roundtooth’ crap? Frakkin’ typical.

And we all got a reason to be sad today. Because Marcus Finch had a love, deep in his soul, a real love for his people, for his city. That’s why I took time off from my touring schedule to campaign for him. Because he shared the love I feel for my ereth’cerri. He had ideas, and I believed in those ideas, but more than that, I believed in the man himself. He was a true Wejoto. He fought the power because it was right, even when he knew he couldn’t win, the Cara Fahd, the heroic sacrifice. Among his own folk that made him a fool. But he died still fighting, and we got a word in or’zet for that: Cara Fahd, and there’s no greater goal an ork can have.

So I’m not just sad to see Marcus Finch go, I’m angry. Injustice triggers my gahad and as you all know, when an ork’s got his gahad on, there ain’t nothing for it. That’s an itch he’s gotta scratch. I ain’t gonna do no greeah dance, gonna get my grumoge on!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What’s one more angry ork in this city, right? Nothing. Except I’m not just ONE more angry ork. We all gotta get angry, and we got get together. Because one angry ork or one angry troll or even one angry human ain’t much, but you put us together, you put us all together, what you got ain’t a bunch of ones, what you got is a hoard! And if there’s one thing us orks know, we know how powerful a Horde is!

You hearing me? You with me?

[A roar from the crowd.]

Come on, let ’em hear you coming all the way down at city hall! And all those fine folks up in their fine jrikjrik downtown!

[Another, louder roar]

You hear that, Minneapolis? You think you got rid of Marcus Finch? Vut, you ain’t even got started with him. Because everything that scared you? It ain’t in that coffin back there, it’s out here, and it’s coming for you!

[drowned out by audience reaction]

Oh this is good. This is funny. Did the Mayor think she was getting rid of a problem? The people are like a hydra, cut off the head two more grow in its place.

Come on, pull the other one, businessman like Nabo’s about as political as my Predator IV. Gun don’t care if it shoots at a Technocrat or an Archcoservative. But it’s an election year, and politics is sexy and he’s still young enough to capitalize on the whole ‘political radical’ thing. You watch him, see if he isn’t back to rapping about the ‘hurlg and the eunabo and hatin’ on the quaalz, yo’ once the publicity dies down.

That’s right, CM. Go ahead and laugh and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself the people of today’s society will step up. And while you’re waiting on your ‘revolution’, I’ll be picking up the pieces of every shattered political movement that comes out of this and looking for a way to make some nyiaj in what’s looking to be a damned good year to be in the business.


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