The Girl in the Tube




Here’s the facts as the team understands them:
-She was found by the Team at Lyndale Megastorage. The Team paid for her resuscitation.
-She was frozen in a cryonic tube in 2063, shortly before the Second Crash
-Forge has a past with her. She was an ‘Otaku’ that Forge rescued from the Renraku Arcology.
-On April 1st, she went missing, stolen by victims under mysterious memory alteration.
-She was lost in the sewers under the Temple of The Drowned Cat. The girl the party thought they rescued was one of the mind-controlled dupes, aura altered to look like her.
-She may or may not be the mysterious Dissonance Technomancer named ‘Shekinah’, who terrorized the Twin Cities Matrix in the early 60’s.
-The Team pulled out when Ginebig informed them that his contacts (The Family) were moving in to ‘handle’ this…. all the team but one, Forge, who felt she had to finish this herself… one way or another…

…to be continued…


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