Ork Chop-Shop Owner


Ork, male.


Hey, where’s an ork go to get his bike modded in this town? I mean, ‘professionally’?

There’s plenty of places you can go in the Cities, but for my money, if you wanna get really top-notch work done, the ork to see is a cerri goes by the handle of ‘Chop’. Don’t laugh, may favor the direct approach, but he’s as cara as they come. Made his bones with Menace before most of us were riding. He’s retired from the road these days (barring the occasional charity ride with his old buddies in SPACE) but he still does some of the best custom work in the area, and he’s been part of the djoto long enough not to ask any questions you don’t want to answer. The garage says ‘Von Holland Quality Custom and Repair’ on the sign but everyone in the know just calls it “Chop’s Shop”. Of course, you’ll have to have some referrals to get into the ‘auxiliary garage’ but if you’re pro enough to be here, you can probably manage that. It’s worth it, old Chop is a decent guy to do business with. Even manages financing if your ‘professional’ life occasionally needs more out of a bike than your current cashflow would allow. Like I said, he’s been on this side of the shadows, remembers what it’s like to run ’em.
-Road Hog

Just don’t think about stiffing him on the bill. He’s patient but he’s no pushover. Chop can afford to be reasonable on account of he used to ride in the Menace with ‘Jack the Cat’, who went on to become Sonny Catarone. So his collection department’s got a pretty long arm, if you get my drift.
-Fight Owl

Also not a bad place to get rid of hot motorcycle gear and parts. Only bike stuff, mind you, but he has a couple phooj ywg who can handle the other stuff.
-Tsov Tom


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