Lost in the Shadows

Run 7: Intercept Play (Part the last)

June 5, 2076

Want to know how you do a shadowrun up in the big leagues? Let me lay it out for you:

Step 1, suborn (ie get really drunk and then mind-whammy) the rapid response team to the arcology you’re hitting to find out their security procedures.

Step 2, hire your old rigger buddy to fly the chopper for this improbable heist.

Step 3, have your decker hack the shit out of their repair drones on the sly, drugging the air filters in their armor.

Step 4, fake an emergency within range of said team’s clubhouse so they have to don aforementioned armor and breath deep the happy juice you put there.

Step 5, hilarity.

Step 6, have one of your sammies snipe the target’s building, forcing his people to rush towards the helipad.

(Step 6.5, make sure said sammie knows to get the frag outta there)

Step 7, arrive, in one of the rapid-response team’s choppers and their uniforms and RFID tags, ready to ‘save the day’.

Step 8, take out the target’s companions. The Sammie with guns is good for this. The Mage with an overpowered adhesion spell is also effective. If mind-bendingly terrifying.

Step 9, have the social adept mind whammy the target into the chopper, render unconscious, stuff in box.

Step 10, have the PhysAd and Mage kick the angry bodyguard spirit’s astral ass out of the chopper before it crashes the chopper or steals back the target.

(Step 10.5, never speak of how the SocAd got mind-whammied EVER AGAIN!)

Step 11, GTFO

Step 12, Profit.

See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?


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