Lost in the Shadows

Run 7: Intercept Play (part 2)

June 1-2, 2076

Being a professional Shadowrunner is a lot like being a college student. And not just in the sense of having a constant, low-grade hangover.

But also, the more you stay up doing your homework, the better you generally do.

Ginebig does his homework. 7 Accounts. 3 Nodes. 18 hours of hacking. But he got the goods. He has the target’s personnel file. He knows where their target is. He knows his schedule. He knows everything that’s on the Matrix. The security arrangements are on PANIC (Physical Access Network for Information Control) system, the physical information system Evo uses internally.

This information sparks thought, the party begins to plot in earnest…


Manyfacesof Manyfacesof

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