Lost in the Shadows

Run 7: Intercept Play (part 1)

June 1, 2076

When corporations war, shadowrunners profit.

Vex’s nameless contact got in touch with Vex to gather his team and talk to a Johnson. They meet at the First Avenue’s side room with a Johnson that seemed to be more machine than even most suits. He had a simple job for him. Evo was sending their chief local Auditor, a technomancer named Kayado Shoji up to Zurich Orbital to deliver a formal complaint against Ares, cosigned by several other local corps. Mr. Johnson wanted to pay the Team to make sure Mr. Kayado did not arrive.

Upon taking the job, the prep work begins. They research his life, his accommodations, all the usual. They start gathering supplies and making plans. This is the 90% Preparation that leads to the 10% Inspiration…


Manyfacesof Manyfacesof

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