Lost in the Shadows

Run 5: Unreal Estate (Part 4)

April 29- May 9 2076

Ever hear the phrase “Victim of your own success”? Sometimes a shadowteam does their job a little too well.

That’s what happened with the Insect Spirit Hoax. Within hours of it going public, and with agents of Knight Errant’s elite SMART unit on scene confirming its validity, the city went into panic mode and Mayor Bergen nearly gave Ares the green-light to declare martial law over the whole of the Webber-Camden area. Fortunately, a bit of fancy footwork and rumor-mongering managed to get the other area Megacorps (Evo, Horizon, Aztechnology) to threaten to file a complaint to the Corporate Court and quash the move.

-The media drops on sex offenders, landfills, graveyard collapse and the like panicked the locals, making them susceptible to buyout and the promises of security.
-The gang war between the Al-Shabaab and Black Fangs completely fails to materialize. In fact, the Black Fangs are strangely quiet in general, and also make no move to persecute the People’s Builder’s Union in Crystal Lake.
-Regardless, the freezing of their assets in an ongoing investigation about their involvement with the Phan Duc “Duckiegate” Scandal, forces the PBU central committee to suspend activities for the moment.
-Valkyrie has to abandon the street racing in Stahgrenville when it was discovered that undercover KE officers had infiltrated the operation. Fortunately there’s been no fallout from that. Yet.
-The war between NoMA and ViMil on the other hand, is a spectacular success. Again, maybe a bit too successful…

The result is a split decision. A new Merchant’s Association, this one led by community leader Calvin Kue organizes a buyout of the Cassidy Park area, maintaining rights to the concessions from Dick Cassidy Park, in return for increased KE presence to quell the ongoing Block War between Cassidy Park and Victory, while Webber and Crystal Lake fall to the “Locus Zero” group, apparently the front for the Team’s employer, because they do still get paid their percentage.

This marks an end point for one of the team. Lilu took her bankroll and retired from the game to run her ailing father’s auto shop, proving that there is always a way out of the shadows… for those who want it…


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