Lost in the Shadows

Run 5: Unreal Estate (Part 3)

April 28-29 2076

The team’s plan proceed apace:
-Valkyrie and her rigger contact continue street racing in northern Webber-Camden at unfortunate hours of the morning.
-Vex executes the next step of his plan to draw Al-Shabaab, the Black Fangs, and ‘Captain’ Joanne Knutson’s newly-unified NoMA (North Minneapolis Merchant’s Association) militia into a three way fight. The Al-Shabaab were incited to move on the Fangs, who are loosely aligned with NoMA, the Fangs were incited against the PBU indirectly, and the ViMil, the militia of the neighboring Victory neighborhood, was given literature connecting the NoMA with the Humanis Policlub… stir well, bake for 30 minutes and serve.
-North Star Credit Union freezes the assets of the People’s Builder’s Union for possible connections with fugitive embezzler and former head of the Merchant’s Association Phan Duc “Duckie”
-Datasofts implicating a sex offender half-way house and a landfill being built in the area, and a fake geological survey indicating that the area beneath the graveyard is highly susceptible to becoming a sinkhole due to the nature of the gravedigging and proximity to the river is put together.
-And finally… what promises to be the piece de resistance an elaborate hoax that includes calling out Knight Errant on fake calls to make it look like they’re responding to something and then plant false evidence of a Termite Spirit incursion at the Glassworks.

Vex finally did his search of the Stahlgrenville area, discovering that there was a crisis of confidence in the local head of Ares Agribusiness, Glen Cavendish.

Ashoka brought a possible extra bonus in the form of lost magic, which a search managed to narrow down to the abandoned Camden Industrial Park area.

And finally, Valkyrie, trying to start some trouble, tried to kidnap a militia guy, only to realize she’d tried to jump Jo Knutson’s hired Shadowrunner, Red Rover, but backed off when she realized she had made a mistake…

Next Time: The Payoff!


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