Lost in the Shadows

Run 5: Unreal Estate (Part 2)

April 25-27 2076

The run continues. Collar left for parts unknown. Ashoka was brought, with some reservations, onto the job. Vex went on an information gathering binge, and gathered a remarkable amount of information about the neighborhoods, their fears and the gang situation.

Evidence came to light, thanks to Ginebig, that Phan Duc “Duckie”, head of the local Merchant’s Association, had been embezzling. The irony is that Duckie actually HAD been embezzling, just not as much or as clumsily as Ginebig made it look. Duckie’s gone and the Merchant Protection Society (the Association’s militia) has been taken under the wing of the Cassidy Park militia under Joanne “Jo” Knutson.

Oh, and Vex took a trip to Camden Industrial Park, to visit with Al-Shabaab, pretending to be from the dominent Black Fangs gang…


Manyfacesof Manyfacesof

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