Lost in the Shadows

Run 1: Cold Storage (part 1)

March 2-3, 2076

There’s a way that these stories always start. A Johnson. A Job. A Team.

This one is no exception. An empty strip club. A briefcase that cost more than the team that was being hired to do the job it carried.

The Team: Forge and Valkyrie, a pair of PhysAds, one ork, one human, Vex, a gnome that could be anyone, as long as they were three feet tall, the mage Ashoka, buddhist but not pacifist, Ginebig, the hacker who hid behind a curtain of data and holograms, and Lilu, rigger and demolitionist, a one-dwarf disaster area.

The Job was bone simple. Retrieve some crates from a self-storage facility. Simple. The most complicated thing was Vex negotiating with the Johnson for an extra grand a head.

The team went to the storage center. Ginebig found the most likely storage unit and fooled the computer into recognizing Valkyrie as the owner and they had the contents brought up for them.

So far, so good. Except that what came up from the unit they examined wasn’t a trio of crates. It was one long, metal tube. Sealed. running machinery.

They dug deeper. Calls to contacts confirm it to be a cryonics tube. Sensors confirm it’s got a body in it. Research reveals that the supervisor on shift the night the crates arrived hasn’t been seen since. Sheila Reynolds. So they check out her house, which just reveals what they already knew. She left for work on the 29th never to return.

Which leaves them with a mystery, one they must untangle if they want to get paid.

And it’s pretty certain they want to get paid…



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