Lost in the Shadows

Run 6: Monster Mash

May 22-24, 2076

So the Guthrie was re-opening and there was this soiree planned. Important people and self-important people gathering. New exhibits. An international superstar (DJ Bijan) performing. None of which means anything to our anti-heroes… until they are hired to be the onsite security. So they spring into action, get all set to keep things running smoothly. Forge working the door. Vex working the crowd. Ashoka on magical security. Ginebig managing the overall security system (onsite no less!). Valkyrie undercover as a guest.

Everything was going well until Ginebig was overwhelmed on the security matrix. Simultaneously two mages appear at the two exits. Casting wreck on one door and melt on the other. Then suddenly one of the exhibits (a set of huge concrete statues) came to life and began dancing. Yay Guerilla Art? Ashoka tried to intervene by casting Glue Strip on the mages, but ended up knocking himself out with drain. Unfortunately one of the guests was trampled by a statue… and then another.

So action was required. Vex used his unique skills to gain information from one of the guests (Jasper Jay) who seemed to know what was going on. Valkyrie’s date and a “friend” went to work on the door while Vex & Valkyrie took meds to go on a Metaplaner Quest to confront Mister Dada, the Free Spirit that was behind the animation of the exhibit. Forge watched their meat. After a crazy trip they were able to confront the spirit and make the dancing stop. So all in all a pretty good night (except for the dying).


Manyfacesof Manyfacesof

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